Fixing broken Philips reed relays (CD104)

I’ve got a broken vintage Philips CD104 CD-player many years ago. After correcting the common problems (PCB failures etc..) and fixing the servo section, the player played discs, but there were no sound. The failure of reed relays founded in various audio paths is also a common problem in those day’s philips cd players. (early types which utilized the famous 14bit TDA1540 DAC)

There are two assembled reed relays devices. One is for muting audio on power-on to eliminate a loud click, the other is for de-emphasis switching. The problem is that the reed tubes don’t shorts even if magnetic field is exist. It can be easily fixed with changing the broken reed tubes. I used some russian-made tubes, which are a little bigger than the originals (as seen on pictures) but can be used too.
After fixing, the player is operating again perfectly (after 30 years 🙂 )